The New NHLR Stock List

The ill-fated second NHLR line was built some time after the entire stock of its successful predecessor was sold off. All that was available for this second line was a brand new Accucraft 'Edrig' purchased very much as an investment and as an inspiration for possible future developments. Allthough it ran on a handful of occasions much of its time at the NHLR was spent as an ornament.

'Edrig' was eventually sold and replaced with the newer and larger 'Lawley'. With the revival and rebuilding of the railway the fortunes of this loco are extremely promising.

With construction of the line moving at speed throughout 2011 and 2012 the management of the new 'NHLR' have high expectations for the future.


  • Number 4: Un-named : Accucraft 'Edrig'   SOLD
  • Number 5: '68369' : Accucraft 'Lawley' converted to coal-firing by DJB Engineering  SOLD
  • Number 6: Un-named : Roundhouse 'Millie'    SOLD
  • Number 7: 'Rosie' : Accucraft 'Edrig'     SOLD
  • Number 8: Un-named : Accucraft 'Caradoc'
  • Number 9: Un-named : Mamod     SOLD
  • Number 10: 'Norman Bozzard' : Climax/Garratt combination builder Malcolm Morgan 2007


Un-named Accucraft 'Edrig' Class NHLR No. 4

Purchased around 2005 this loco was steamed perhaps half a dozen times on the short lived second NHLR. Its appearance was improved with gold lining and a GWR style safety valve cover.

As the potential for a revived railway increased it was decided to upgrade to a larger loco. Edrig was sold to the Erewash Valley Light Railway and replaced with the Lawley engine. 

Edrig Class loco on the Erewash Valley Light Railway now named Stephanie and providing excellent service

Accucraft 'Lawley' Class  NHLR No. 5

Purchased prior to rebuilding of the NHLR. Green loco with Lightlines lining applied. Never steamed. Conversion to coal-firing and repainting begun in September 2012. Conversion carried out by DJB Engineering. Repainting and lining in BR Mixed traffic livery completed by Locolines. Loco presented as a narrow gauge loco adopted by LNER then BR similar to the story of the Vale of Rheidol. The number 68369 was chosen as a feasible designation should a loco with such a background have ever existed.

The 'history' of 68369 began in 1921 when it was supplied by the Hunslet Engine Co. Leeds to the narrow gauge New Herrington Light Railway. The loco kept its lined green livery and NHLR logo until the failing railway was taken over briefby the NER in 1921 and two years later by the newly formed LNER. Finally, with the nationalisation of the railways by British Railways the locomotive was eventually re-designated as one of the three oddball Class J61 locomotives and given the number 68369. With the Beeching cuts of the early 1960s the NHLR passed back into independent ownership of a preservation society. The loco was restored and repainted in its early BR mixed traffic livery. 

Roundhouse 'Millie' Class  NHLR No. 6

This was a pre-owned loco which was purchased as a temporary loco to run on the new NHLR. Its first run took place on 20th May 2012. It was an excellent smooth and controllable loco which gave lengthy runs. It enjoyed one visit to Ron Grant's railway. 

When an Accucraft 'Edrig' became available, which I feel has a more authentic loco appearance than 'Millie', it was decided to make the change. Regrettably this proved to be a mistake as the Accucraft loco 'Rosie' soon proved to have a range of problems. Although some were rectified at some cost the loco continued to have running problems and finally it was decided to cut my losses.'Rosie' was sold complete with her problems.

'Rosie' : Accucraft 'Edrig' Class  NHLR No. 7

Having enjoyed good service from this class of loco previously it was expected that 'Rosie' would offer similar performance. Sadly this did not prove to be the case. Briefly, the loco suffered major steaming problems which were not resolved when the main steam pipe was repaired twice. New piston rings were installed. The last resort, which was a step too far, was to replace the reversing valve block. Sadly the decision was taken to dispose of the loco.

This experience had not put me off Accucraft locos and the latest addition to the NHLR stable is a 'Caradoc' 0-4-0 Accucraft loco.

'Usworth' : Accucraft 'Caradoc' Class  NHLR No.8

In the Spring of 2013 a 'Caradoc' Class loco was purchased from Anything Narrow Gauge and collected at the 16mm National Garden Railway Show at Peterborough. This was a hardly used, manual loco in unlined green. It immediately proved to be superb runner and has performed well on several local lines. It is capable of steady running and restarting with a decent load even on modest gradients. Not wishing to disturb its excellent running characteristics whilst wanting to enhance its plain appearance a little, a set of lined boilerbands and a painted dome have been commissioned from Locoworks. It is then intended to add some lining in black and GWR orange. The name 'Usworth' is to be added eventually. The name refers to what was the local RAF airfield and later Sunderland Flying Club where I spent many enjoyable Sunday afternoons with my father. It is now the site of the Nissan car factory.

Un-named MAMOD  NHLR No. 9



  • Number 3: Big Big Ruston  SOLD
  • Number 4: Big Big Ruston  SOLD
  • Number 5: 'Dorothea' : Freelance scratchbuilt Bo-Bo based on Big Big Hymek  SOLD
  • Number 6: Accucraft Baguley
  • Number 7: Freelance 0-4-0 electric  SOLD

Accucraft Baguley Diesel No 6

This loco has proved to be an excellent workhorse on the NHLR. It was purchased as a hardly used model on Ebay. It had been converted from track power to battery power and also had 27MHz radio control. Its appearance was standard. At first the radio control was highly erratic but a change of transmitter, receiver and speed controller, still 27MHz., improved performance although the range was greatly limited. 

In October 2013 a multi-cylinder diesel sound card was purchased from Acme Engineering. It was a squeeze to install but sounded well. However, the basic RC frequency could not handle the interference from the sound card. The RC has now been upgraded to 2.4GHz and performance is now excellent.

It is now intended to embellish its appearance a little now. The loco is often sent on track clearing duties with a load. It can run for several hours when required.

Freelance Diesel No 7

This freelance diesel has a four-couple Essel motorised chassis enclosed in a skirted body. The main body is largely thick plasticard but it is well built and is well proportioned to match the Baguley. At present it has a switch for power on/off and a switch for forward/reverse. The large exhaust is a potentiometer for controlling speed. There is a single forward light which indicates power on. The loco also has a charging socket

This loco was purchased on Ebay at a reasonable price and has also proved to be an excellent standby to show traffic movement on the NHLR.