By 2010 it was apparent that the garden was maturing at an alarming rate. Bushes were becoming trees, paths and open areas were quickly  disappearing. It was impossible to maintain. Drastic measures were required. The garden required a major rethink and any solution would without doubt involve a great deal of hard work and professional assistance. With this in mind the garden was redesigned with a much more open aspect. The opportunity therefore presented itself to reinstate the railway.

Here we get an impression of how much the garden had grown in twenty years

In the early part of 2011 the first concrete blocks were laid for the new raised track. Then in September 2011 over a two week period the garden was subject to a substantial make-over. When that was complete, cut-down railway sleeper uprights were installed along the route of the new line.

Some heavy clearing of vegetation was required to open the garden up and see once again the full extent of the original railway

Once the major garden works were finished the uprights for the railway were set in place and decking planks cut to size.

Throughout the winter and early part of 2012 timber decking was laid along the full length of the line with track being laid as each section was complete. The final link in the route was laid on 19th May 2012 and the trains began to run.