Re-opening May 2012

On Saturday 19th May 2012 the final piece of track was laid to complete the circuit of the new New Herrington Light Railway. The first train to run the full length of the line was the NHLR's own Baguley Diesel. Further runs were completed into the evening with a variety of rolling stock being used to test the track. As the weather was forecast fair for the following day it was decided to hold the first steam run on Sunday 20th May.

The first steam loco to run on the line was the Roundhouse 'Millie' Class loco purchased specially to provide steam power until the line's Accucraft 'Lawley' has been converted to coal firing.

The day was a huge success and was recorded quite comprehensively. Almost 30 years since Mamod 1 made its erratic way along the first concrete section of the early NHLR steam had returned at last.