Early NHLR Locos and Stock



One of the original Lady Anne models with two linked meths tanks slung below the footplate outside the frames. Although a pot-boiler and now considered somewhat inefficient in comparison to today's models, running times of 45minutes on a single fill were regularly achieved.

First run on Mike Holt's line at Shotley Bridge it was an excellent runner for several years. She was paired up with a matching tender for a while. Sadly the loco suffered badly from burnt paintwork and a rather unprofessional brushed paint job left her looking rather worn out.

Finally, she was sold with the entire NHLR stock in 2000.

MAMOD No.1 : 1983

The first steam locomotive on the NHLR was a standard SL1 engine. It was quickly converted to meths firing. The burner was a scaled down version of that used on Lady Beatrice with two tanks under the footplate linked to a central burner tube. The Mamod was useful for track testing in the early days but saw little service after the arrival of the Roundhouse loco.


Purchased as a well used model, this early meths fired single cylinder loco tended to be difficult to control. Due to its high centre of gravity and large driving wheels outside the frames it was also rather unbalanced. The single powered cylinder  on one side and dummy cylinder on the opposite side did not help her balance. Having arrived in bare brass finish she was first painted in a very light 'Darjeeling' blue and later a shiny black with yellow lining.

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This tiny shunter was on loan from the Woodlands Light Railway at Nettlesworth, Durham, to assist with track laying and testing. It is believed that this substantial railway of Mr. Jim Abbott is no longer in existence.



Constructed from a kit this substantial model became the main passenger vehicle on the NHLR. Time was taken with the varnished timber and dark blue finish. Most notable about this coach was the superb single leaf spring suspension on the bogies. It could really have done with shock absorbers! Each side was adorned with the railway title in gold on black - each letter individually applied as a gold transfer.

CLERESTORY COACH : Craig & Mertonford Railway

 A unique coach built to a plan contained in the appendix of 'Narrow Gauge Adventure', the much celebrated account of the Craig and Mertonford Railway, an indoor layout.

It was an attractive compartment coach with many features and added detail. It even had lights long before they became a common feature in commercially produced models.

Unusually the coach had standard gauge type double buffers with a centre chain coupling rather than a central buffer. 


Scratch-built coal/ballast truck built by the NHLR Workshops

Unusual combined works dept. truck and guard's van bogie wagon built in the early days of the NHLR. Sadly it disappeared from the line believed stolen. 


  • A rake of three long open bogie trucks, attractive in red oxide finish with brass strapping and fully detailed and working hinges, chain locking, etc. These exceptional wagons were built by the late Ron Cushon.
  • A rake of four open wagons, possibly ex-Big Big Train, painted in grey oxide and allowed to weather.
  • A rake of six tipper wagons kept permanently coupled. These were also pained in grey primer.
  • A substantial snow plough with two four-wheeled bogies.